part three of the ever-exciting adventure

Thunderbirds are go

Me and Dave went to see Thunderbirds tonight at the Skydome. It was pretty much as rubbish as I’d expected it to be, but for some reason I seem to find films like that funny. Sometimes after a long hot and sticky weekend you’re not really in the mood for watching a serious film, and Thunderbirds fitted the bill quite well there.

Lady Penelope was funny. The younger Tracy boys were quite nice indeed, and the desert island location for the first part of the movie seemed to provide the producers with ample opportunity to get the nearly-sixteen-year old Brady Corbet quite wet, on multiple occasions (slightly wrong, but still…).

The London scenes were a little strange. Seeing Thunderbird 2 land in Jubilee Gardens under the London Eye, where I’d been stood yesterday taking photos freaked me out a little. Seeing Mary’s old office in the background freaked me out even more.

The whole experience was a tad bizzare. There were only six of us in total in the film, not counting the ten year old kid who crept in behind our seats, made some funny noises and ran out again. No more bizzare than the film itself though, I guess (hacking into a communications system using someone’s braces being a prime example).

It was a good night, and a good end to a cool weekend. I missed going to Brighton and catching up with Stu, but I at least I made it to London. And unlike last week I also made it back on the Sunday, despite the best efforts of a hugely f**ked up public transport system.

Here’s an arty picture of the London Eye, sadly without Thunderbird 2. And here’s the rest of the photos from this weekend.



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