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Sunrise, sunrise

Still not managed to put any photos up, but at least now I have a pretty banner at the top of the page, after some people complained about the new layout… It still doesn’t work in IE 5.5 on my work machine, but I figure most people are on Firefox or IE6 these days anyway.

The banner image is from the contemplative walk I went on at sunrise after the end of term disco, taken near the new Heronbank blocks. I’ll get round to putting the rest of the photos up sometime…


Lightning strikes

As with everywhere else in the country it seems, we’ve had thunderstorms here tonight. I was impressed when I looked down at the little weather applet in my notification area while listening to the thunder, and discovered it even has a cute little icon for such weather. GNOME rocks.


My sleep patterns are just about getting back to normal now after the weekend, which I’m glad about. This is despite my hour long conversation with Rik until 3am last night about email clients, blogs and RSS feeds.

I’m off to attempt to cook dinner in my dirty horrible kitchen now. Then I’m gonna attempt to integrate some photos into the new blog if I get time when I’m done. Then I’ll probably go to bed.

Normal sleep patterns are actually quite boring!

Cats, Pimms, Naked Pensioners and the Hogwarts Express

…Are a few of the words that sum up the last few days in London. Or more specifically yesterday, after I finally managed to start properly enjoying myself and stop being so tired, disorientated and moody.

Mary helped me do some lunchtime shopping in Selfridges and H&M, before we left for Michael’s barbeque in Surrey. We sat in Vicoria station and saw Kiara. We spent an hour sat in the sun at the end of Platform 3 of East Croydon station, while we waited for Laurie to arrive. We turned up at the barbeque a bit late in the end and left a bit late too. I left at half past five this morning to come back up to Cov for work and as far as I know the others are still there.

Why do things like that only seem to happen in London?

Hot hot heat

I’m sat at Mary’s computer typing this entry at the end of day 2 in London. Mary’s gone to bed, something which I intend to do soon too. I don’t think either of us was up to much else tonight after last night’s carnage at Noise, a new club night in Vauxhall at a venue that can best be described as ‘intimate’.

My thorough exhaustion combined with the heat today also doomed my shopping plans to faliure, only managing to try on one pair of jeans which didn’t fit. We’re going to try again tomorrow.

I took a few random photos which I’ll try and post when I get back to my computer. I need to start taking photos again.