part three of the ever-exciting adventure


Lack of Internet access stopped me from making seven continuous days worth of blog entries, as I had hoped to. Curse BT!

There seem to be quite a few people at the moment who don’t have a proper home to go to, or at least one where they feel happy. In my case, I’m crashing down at Dave’s for a bit until I can find somewhere else. It’s alright for now, but every day is a reminder that I don’t actually have anywhere that I can think of as home.

I don’t go back to Wales much any more, so I no longer have much of an emotional connection with the place. Conversely I tend to build up quite a big connection with the places I do spend time in, which leaves quite a feeling of emptyness when I have to leave those places. This sucks.

I’m lucky that I have friends who will help me out in such situations, but I can’t keep relying on that. I need to start doing something about the crappy situation I’ve allowed myself to get into and sort my life out. Or at least, my accommodation :-).



  Dave wrote @

So you are not happy staying at mine?

  Matt wrote @

Also, Will: I’ll stop those header entries on my blog showing up on Planet Afterlife if you can look into installing the “Image::Magick Perl module” onto Wabson’s server (if it’s not already).

I need it for the redesign. To make pretty thumbnails. It’ll cheer me up.

  Stu wrote @

Well when I finally purchase my sofa bed for my room so guests can come and stay you are always welcome to use that for a few nights if accommodation is difficult to come by 🙂

I’m back in a week! Woo hoo!

Take care and see you soon.

Stu xXx

  M wrote @

You know you’re always welcome to crash at mine if you fancy a change of scene, especially now that I no longer live in a shoe box 😉


  Giles wrote @

One day we should find a house and just buy it and live in it and buy firniture from Ikea, one day. Gb x

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