part three of the ever-exciting adventure

Cafe Library

For anyone who hasn’t seen this yet…


Photos of this weekends hat-based activities down in London will also be coming soon.



  Matt wrote @

Yeah, I saw that, and ran screaming. It doesn’t even make any sense. It should be “Cafe de libraire” or something, not “Cafe library”, which is like saying “beans, baked” or “abson, will”. Anyway, hat pictures sound nice. Have you seen my medication?

Matt ;)x

  Will wrote @

If you think Cafe Library is bad, you should hear some of the other results of the re-branding. Anyone fancy a snack from Cafe Gibbet Hill or Cafe Social Studies? 🙂

  Laurie wrote @

They’ve got to be joking. Are they going to call the union Bar Bureaucracy?

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