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Will: Now featuring The Internet

Finally, my little computer has been once again connected up to the Internet in the new place, and life is good. I had to spend an hour joining two halves of a patch cable onto the ends of a roll of cat6 cable and sticking it all together with Blu Tack, but it was worth it in the end 🙂

Now I need some food.



Am now fully fledged member of staff, complete with University card. Am mature and responsible knowledge worker and I wish I could remember this Bridget Jones quote correctly.

Today’s music was provided by Kylie Minogue and the Scissor Sisters.

Ringing in the changes

Here’s the dream: Imagine buying a phone that you plug into a network port, much like you do with a normal telephone port today. The phone connects to your home network, which in turn connects to the Internet. You dial the number of another similar phone, and the phone connects to it, across the Internet. You can call anyone who has one of these phones for as long as you like, and you don’t pay for anything, except the normal cost of your Internet connection.

Now imagine you have a mobile phone which does this. A mobile phone that connects to the Internet, via some kind of wireless network and allows you to make phone calls to other Internet phones for just the cost of the Internet connection.

Imagine the cost savings you could make when you’re not being billed extortionate amounts of money per minute for the privilege of speaking to someone – when all you’re paying for is the cost of the Internet connection. Imagine how much difference it could make if money wasn’t an issue when you want to talk to someone on the phone.

Much like Skype, you might still be charged in the traditional way when calling regular phones, but the cost of calling other Internet phones would be negligible.

Now imagine how much difference this will make to the existing telephone companies like BT. They’ve invested a hell of a lot of money in their existing infrastructure, a lot of which is looking pretty obsolete now that you have clever new IP-based protocols that can piggy-back on top of the Internet on the cheap and skirt round their charging mechanisms. Imagine what the evil capitalist telecomms companies might try to do to stop this happening, and to keep the bucks rolling in.

This is why I love disruptive technologies like open source software and voice-over-IP, and even open source voice-over-IP – because they threaten to change things in a big way, whether the big evil corporate types like it or not.


I started a new job today – my time on the WarwickPiazza help desk has come to an end and I’m now working for the network team in ITS for a bit. So this afternoon was spent wandering around the Humanities block and the surrounding area with a wireless PDA and some network-sniffing software, searching for rogue wireless networks.

Sometimes it’s good to get out of the office.

Hakuna Matata

Warning: attempting to watch a DVD while lying on Dave’s bed under your duvet, having consumed several glasses of wine, may cause you to fall asleep and barely remember ANYTHING of the film. Oops!