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End of the week entry

Another week at work gone by, and another weekend passed too. Today my productivity has extended to reading another few chapters of The Order of the Phoenix, discovering the best indie radio station ever (apart from possibly XFM), and dragging myself for another run down towards Warwick and back (which I’m hoping made up for all of the calories consumed in Carly’s lovely Sunday dinner). All in all, aot bad a bad set of acheivements for a Sunday, I think.

Leam Running Screenshot.png


Happy Birthday, Dan!

Back from another trip down to London, this time to celebrate Mr Govan‘s Birthday with some lovely Tapas at a nice restaurant in Soho, and of course a few drinks.

It was a good weekend, I think I needed to get away from this place for a bit. Even the train journey back was alright, and only took two hours – pretty good in the aftermath of the horrible accident near Reading yesterday evening (which we’d passed through an hour or so before it happened).

Right now I’m sat at my computer listening to Jamie Cullum and Saint Etienne from my favorite songs playlist that Rhythmbox has automatically compiled for me. It even lowered the rating of Barbie Girl (no idea how that one got in there…) when I skipped that straight away, causing it to quite rightly drop off the list. I think an early night might be beckoning.

Car wash, yeah

I keep hearing that song everywhere I go. The original is far better.

Today I passed my driving test, finally! Woot! I got four minor faults but that’s no big deal. I intend to celebrate by drinking, socialising and setting off explosives. I love Bonfire Night :-).

Cointreau, sherry and lemonade

On a slightly less depressing note, I’ve put up photos of the random gathering over at Giles’s from the beginning of last month (bit of a delay, I know), and made the photos more easy to get to from the front page. Finally, an evening where I actually achieve something! 🙂

Drinks at Giles’s


Hat Party


Snowdon Trip