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Political Compass

I did the test a while ago at Dave’s, but I didn’t get round to blogging it and I couldn’t remember what I got. So seeing Laurie’s results prompted me to do it again.


And yes, I’m aware that I’m at about the same position as the Dalai Lama on the interpretation thingy. But it’s fine being in that kinda bracket when you work in the higher education sector (albeit at one of the country’s most corporate-minded instiutions). Isn’t it? And anyway, I’m not as far off the scale as Matt was the last time 🙂

What are you all waiting for? Go do it yourselves!

Another Weekend

Another weekend up in Wales, another three-and-a-half hour drive back down to Leam again for work tomorrow. Things still seem to be improving with my mum, though it’s all slow progress, still.

They did some more tests today while I was visiting. It seems her short-term memory still isn’t what it could be, but now they’ve established this they can start doing some activities that should stimulate that area of the brain. The consultant wants her to to do more physiotherapy on a daily basis as well, but as there’s only one physiotherapist based at the hospital, that might prove difficult apparently. I guess all I can do is see how things progress this week, so not much change there 🙂

Other than my frequent visits to the hospital, I’ve done very little over the weekend, although this morning I did manage to clean all the mud off the car that (a) flew onto it off a tractor, and (b) got spattered over the side of it when I had to veer out of the way of oncoming traffic that was going too fast on some stupidly narrow country lanes. Don’tcha just love the countryside? And sentences that go on for almost an entire paragraph? And sentences that start with the word ‘and’? OK, I’ll stop now.

Friday Night

So last night we discovered that Birmingham (Nightingales specifically) apparently isn’t the place to go on a Friday night. You’d have thought I might have noticed this last year, when I was going over there a lot more for various reasons, but apparently not.

We’d almost gone to London, but had abandoned that idea when it became clear that nothing seemed to be going on there, at least among the two people we managed to get hold of. Birmingham was choice number two, having ruled out everywhere else in the West Midlands.

We got there quite late. Bar-that-I-can’t-remember-the-name-of at the top of Hurst Street was a bit quiet, but nice. Gales was also pretty quiet and had some *very* random people in there (including a short, fat black man dressed up as Beyonce, who was giving out glowsticks to anyone that wanted one). But nonetheless, it was good to do something different.

I guess the moral is that random nights out, planned on the spur of the moment, are good. In fact that’s one thing I really miss about living in London. There’s much less scope here for randomness, but perhaps that makes it better when it does happen. Even if we did go on the wrong night 🙂


Taken last weekend from near Holyhead, looking out over the Irish Sea. Sometimes you forget that there’s actually quite a lot of good things about home.


Oh, and Danny Beusch is coming to steal your ovaries. That is all.

My dinner, and other such interesting stories

OK, so I admit it: the training session earlier wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. Perhaps I need to be more open-minded about my work and not make negative comments about hoops I haven’t even jumped through yet, especially considering my boss’s boss reads my blog 🙂

The new job’s coming together slowly, anyway. I need to talk to more people if I’m ever going to get it straight in my head what we need to do and how we can do it, but I think I’ve made a good start today. Tomorrow’s likely to be written off due to all our furniture being removed in preparation for the new stuff to come in on Thursday, but hopefully I can get back down to it towards the end of the week (scarily not far away already, having taken Monday off!).

Tonight I’ve been trying to relax a bit in the hope of making this nasty bug that’s making my glands swell up go away, before it develops into a full-blown cold or flu. I really can’t get ill at the moment!

I went down to Tescos in Warwick to get a few things I needed and ended up spending 50 on stuff I mostly needed. Probably. But I didn’t have to rush, they had all the things I wanted to buy in stock, I didn’t have to deal with stressed commuters, parents or children on their way home (it was about 8pm by the time I made it down there) and I didn’t have to struggle home with all the shopping, feeling like my hands/arms/shoulders were about to fall off. With all the stress taken away, it’s the kind of domesticity that can be quite calming. I could do without the f**king cold weather though, or the reverse parallel parks I keep having to do on our road. But it’s fine.

So for dinner I had fajitas (which my housemate found fascinating) and cheese bread, all freshly bought from the most evil capitalist money-grabbing firm in this nation’s history. But I’ve had a calm, relaxing evening, so it’s all good. I even watched Big Brother, which looks certain to get even more boring now that John’s been voted out.

And now I’ve cleaned up and dossed around for a bit, it’s time to go to bed. Domesticity may be calming and conducive to getting rid of illnesses, but it’s really boring!