part three of the ever-exciting adventure

My dinner, and other such interesting stories

OK, so I admit it: the training session earlier wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. Perhaps I need to be more open-minded about my work and not make negative comments about hoops I haven’t even jumped through yet, especially considering my boss’s boss reads my blog 🙂

The new job’s coming together slowly, anyway. I need to talk to more people if I’m ever going to get it straight in my head what we need to do and how we can do it, but I think I’ve made a good start today. Tomorrow’s likely to be written off due to all our furniture being removed in preparation for the new stuff to come in on Thursday, but hopefully I can get back down to it towards the end of the week (scarily not far away already, having taken Monday off!).

Tonight I’ve been trying to relax a bit in the hope of making this nasty bug that’s making my glands swell up go away, before it develops into a full-blown cold or flu. I really can’t get ill at the moment!

I went down to Tescos in Warwick to get a few things I needed and ended up spending 50 on stuff I mostly needed. Probably. But I didn’t have to rush, they had all the things I wanted to buy in stock, I didn’t have to deal with stressed commuters, parents or children on their way home (it was about 8pm by the time I made it down there) and I didn’t have to struggle home with all the shopping, feeling like my hands/arms/shoulders were about to fall off. With all the stress taken away, it’s the kind of domesticity that can be quite calming. I could do without the f**king cold weather though, or the reverse parallel parks I keep having to do on our road. But it’s fine.

So for dinner I had fajitas (which my housemate found fascinating) and cheese bread, all freshly bought from the most evil capitalist money-grabbing firm in this nation’s history. But I’ve had a calm, relaxing evening, so it’s all good. I even watched Big Brother, which looks certain to get even more boring now that John’s been voted out.

And now I’ve cleaned up and dossed around for a bit, it’s time to go to bed. Domesticity may be calming and conducive to getting rid of illnesses, but it’s really boring!


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