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Not very nice weather for golf

I got up early today so I had time to take a few photos of the snow in Leam before I went to work. The ones I took on campus came out better than them though.


On a slightly related note, I spent a good few hours last night tinkering with the PHP code from the old wabson.org and eventually managed to get it working again. Or at least, I got the photos section working to the extent it was when I replaced the lot with MT.

The photos will all be uploaded to wabson.org when I get round to it, but they’ll be static HTML versions, rather than being generated on-the-fly using PHP. This means nobody will be able to add any new comments, but instead it’ll all be preserved more or less the way it was twelve months ago. Which seems somehow apt.

Meta Photos – Part 1

I got my camera back on it, having found it lying on the side of Gibbet Hill Road yesterday afternoon. Amazingly, it still worked fine too! So here’s the first installment of photos from Friday night…









In no particular order

Last night I lost my camera, lost my friends, chased people down Gibbet Hill Road and almost ended up in a fight.


Calm before the storm

Got into work at 8 today, yay me! I feel so much calmer for having done so, not having had to rush in to get the last of the free parking and not having had to crawl up Stoneleigh Road to the lights at 10mph.

I’m the first one in the office and hopefully I’ll be the first one out this afternoon. Don’t get me wrong – its not like I hate my job, I just have plans 🙂

Behind the times

Wikipedia is simply amazing. It’s possibly the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen on the Internet – a searchable repository of information on just about every topic under the sun, compiled by civilisation, for use by civilisation. And I’ve just discovered it tonight.

As a random collection of topics that mean something to me, there’s information about the island I grew up on, the town I went to school in, the University I studied at and which I now work, and the Students’ Union in which I’ve spent far too much time and money over the years. This rocks so much.

I’ve so far managed to restrain myself from editing anything so far, but as I’ve registered an account it’s probably only a matter of time…