part three of the ever-exciting adventure

Welcome to Part Three

Just a quick post before I nip off to the gym, in case you’re wondering why wabson looks so different.

I’m now using WordPress. I’ve had it with Movable Type, and will probably post a long rant about why this is quite soon. But not now. Did I mention I’m going to the gym? 😉

The old version (with comments closed) is here.



  Matt wrote @

Will, darling, it looks fab. As ever.

And it’s so not fair, the time you used to make this work properly – even if you /were/ supposed to be doing work – I spent by downloading MP3s and watching Richard and Judy. Damn my eyes.

I’ll try to give you a ring later, it’d be good to catch up. Don’t faint in the gym or anything.




  Will wrote @

I didn’t faint, and thank you for your lovely phone call earlier!

As for the blog it really didn’t take me that long to set up. WordPress has impressed me. The silly URLs it generates are slightly annoying, but I’d rather live with those than with thousands of spam comments.


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