part three of the ever-exciting adventure

Conference season

Today marks the first day of the summer vacation at Warwick and already there are plenty of conference delegates wandering around campus, dressed entirely inappropriately for the heat. I sat on the piazza alone while I ate my Viva lunch and read my Guardian, remebering what it felt like twelve months ago when I used to do the same on an almost daily basis, whilst being attacked by wasps.

Back then I was a mere graduand, with no plans and no degree certificate. Now I have both of those, albeit without a job after the 29th of July. I intend to use up what savings I have travelling during August and September and arrive in London after that to desperately start earning some more money before Christmas. Oh, and finding somewhere to live.

But for now, the most important thing I have to worry about (apart from the threat of Europoean innovation in software going down the pan, of course) is my tan lines, which seem to have got worse after the weather at Alton Towers on Friday was unexpectedly alright.

I’m looking forward to Gran Canaria lots, at least because it’ll give me a chance to get rid of them. Three days to go!

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