part three of the ever-exciting adventure

It’s Tia Maria time!

Good things about Christmas this year include sherry trifle, walks with the dog and generally having family around. It’s all been a nice change from last year.

Today we took Casper down to Dulas Beach, where he got very, very wet. We had my mum round to the house again for a few hours in the afternoon as well as a few lovely guests. Boxing Day is all about the company, but less about the gross over-consumption of food.

Casper on Dulas Beach

I’m here in Wales until the end of the week, before heading down to London for New Year In The Bush! Getting more back to normality tomorrow though, with the car to wash and a kitchen floor to take up.

But before then, there’s more alcohol to drink. Mmm, Tia Maria.


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  Bjurn wrote @

He’s soooooooooo cute!

BTW have you seen Matt lately?

Best wishes!

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