part three of the ever-exciting adventure

This Week… In Summary Form

Matt – working in a small company is new to me too. or at least it was two months ago. Now it’s just that daily routine of getting as much stuff done in a day as you can that I have to deal with.

This week the big event was undoubtedly yesterday’s web seminar with MySQL. I spent a lot of time working on the web infrastructure for this, and the effort I’ve put in will hopefully mean we’ll be able to deploy similar resources more readily in the future. Now that we have a proper place for white papers and for newletter sign-ups, it’s just a simple matter of linking this into the existing content we already have on the site.

I’d also like to welcome Chenoa and Villmond Luxembourg SARL as officially-listed partners on our site, which sees the total list rise to 19 partner organisations. It’s not me who’s put in the hard work in bringing these guys on board, but it’s nice to be part of the process that gets this news out to the world.

When I think back to the second I first read about Alfresco some five months ago (and on the other side of the globe, to boot) I was convinced that this company was going places. This week has done more than any other to cement this in my mind. And yeah, there’s a lot of work to be done to realise this, but I guess at least it’s better than being bored :-).


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