part three of the ever-exciting adventure

Five things

Why is it that I live in one of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities in Europe yet fail to take full advantage of this? Why is it that with so many attractions on my doorstep I’ve so far failed to see half of the things-that-are-worth-seeing in this great metropolis of ours?

Whenever I visit a new city it’s always a struggle to fit in as many museums, parks, shops, bars and general sights as possible within the space of a few days. In the last few months in London I have mastered the art of drinking Pimms in the park and improved my general shopping skills but that still leaves a long list of things still on that to-do list. So here’s a few things that in twelve months time I intend to have ticked off.

  • Gone to London Zoo
  • Been on a boat on the Thames – not those diesel-belching monstrous tourist traps that constantly parade backwards and forwards between Westminster and Tower Bridge but a proper classy boat up the river from Kingston
  • Visted Kew Gardens and Syon Park
  • Seen an exhibition at the Tate Modern and walked across the wobbly bridge
  • Visited Grenwich for the day

That’s not a comlete list, but it’s a start.

This weekend – other than the endless hours spent sat sitting on a Pendalino of course – has been generally great. One of the things I like most about living in London is leaving it from time-to-time. Not because I can’t stand the place, but more because it does make you appreciate other places that you visit more simply because they’re different. But when I am in the city, I really should be making more of it than I am right now and this I intend to rectify.

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